What to see in Navarre

5 places you have to visit in Navarra

Navarra is one of the last four kingdoms that later gave way to the creation of Spain. Also known as Reyno de Navarra, its long history, which goes back to the pre-Romanesque period, has left a long-standing historical and cultural heritage. With monuments and cities that leave latent the passage of time on our land. As well as its location, close to the sea and under the influence of the western part of the Pyrenees, they offer a variety of climates and a changing landscape that crosses Navarre from north to south. From the green and humid places of Bera de Bidasoa, to the rough and arid Bardenas Reales.

In this list here, you will find some essential things to see in Navarra, difficult to select from the wide list of places that this province offers.

Pamplona – Iruña


Capital of the province. Main stop on the Camino de Santiago. Known worldwide for the celebration of the San Fermín festivities. Founded in the year 74 a. C., was one of the great Roman cities of the Iberian Peninsula (Pompaelo). Of vital importance for the Vascones, it was later invaded by the Visigoths (6th century) and Muslims (7th century). Until the Kingdom of Pamplona was consolidated in the 9th century, to later give way to the Kingdom of Navarra and finally to be annexed to the Spanish crown in 1512.

A city with an enviable historic center, full of narrow streets and small nooks and crannies. To culminate in a citadel of great ramparts and thick walls. The town hall, the Plaza del Castillo, the encierro route or the citadel are imperative sites that you cannot miss on your visit to Pamplona.

Source of the Urederra

Nacedero del urederra

On the slopes of the Urbasa mountain range, a small spring of crystalline water is born that leads to a spectacular and beautiful course of turquoise waters in the heart of the forest. The Natural Reserve of the Urederra Source, a protected space that we must care for and respect.

It is located in an environment surrounded by beeches and elms, making it an absolutely magical place. A perfect route for the whole family, within a spectacular natural park. The Urederra river, which as its translation into Basque indicates, "beautiful waters", which we invite you to visit and see if it lives up to its name. Although we can anticipate that the answer will be affirmative.

Estella – Lizarra

Estella Lizarra

Founded in 1990, the city of Estella – Lizarra, is another must-see in Navarre. Basques, Franks, Jews and Navarrese cultures have passed through its streets, contributing their grain of sand to the identity it has today. A reference point for the Camino de Santiago, the famous city of Ega stands out for its great cultural heritage. Also known as "the Toledo of the north" due to the large number of historical monuments and small similarities with the spectacular capital of La Mancha. Castles, palaces, temples, squares and corners that will not leave indifferent even the most demanding of visitors.

In addition to its cultural heritage, it is an ideal place to enjoy the gastronomy of our land and to take advantage of the variety of shops that have given it the name of a commercial city.

Olite and its Royal Palace

Palacio de Olite

Undoubtedly the small medieval town of Olite, and its famous royal palace are another of the highlights that we can see in Navarra. Built in the 15th century, on top of a 13th century fortress, the Olite castle is one of the most luxurious in Europe. And it has been considered a National Monument since 1925. Being this castle the main claim of this small town, the truth is that its historic center is not far behind, in terms of beauty of this magnificent palace. Its cobbled streets, noble houses and Gothic churches create a medieval environment around the castle that makes this beautiful town shine even more if possible.

Irati Jungle

A treasure in the Pyrenees. More than 17,000 hectares of extensive forest of incalculable beauty. The Irati Forest is one of the largest and best preserved beech-fir forests in Europe. The beech and ferns coexist with wild boars and roe deer, as well as woodpeckers and large bearded vultures.

Pure and hard nature. Routes, canyoning, waterfalls, rivers, magical towns, skiing, excursions and much more, in the heart of Navarre nature.

Sierra de urbasa andia

Camping Acedo is a perfect place for you to get to know these authentic wonders, and many others that do not fit into this small list of what to see in Navarre. For example: the Lumbier and Arbayun gorges, the Bardenas Reales, Ujué or the Baztán valley.

At our campsite you will find different types of accommodation, as well as a wide range of services, so you can spend some great days enjoying everything that Navarra can offer you.

We will wait for you!

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