5 places you have to see in Tierra Estella

Tierra Estella is one of the five merindades in which, historically, has been divided Foral Community of Navarre and the head of which, as its name indicates, is the city of Estella-Lizarra. Due to its rich history, is an area with a rich cultural heritage, full of monuments from different eras. Without forgetting of course its natural heritage, being this a must-see in Tierra Estella, and also highlighting its varied cuisine, in which prevails the product of km 0.

A great list of places to see in Tierra Estella, there are some that stand above others, then we'll leave you our selection of places to see on Earth Estella that you can't miss:

Estella – Lizarra

Fundada en 1990, la ciudad de Estella-Lizarra es una parada obligatoria para los turistas de la zona y de toda Navarra. Por sus calles han pasado vascones, francos, judíos y culturas navarras, aportando su granito de arena a la identidad que tiene hoy en día. Referente del Camino de Santiago, la famosa ciudad del Ega destaca por su gran patrimonio cultural. Castillos, palacios, templos, plazas y rincones que no dejarán indiferente ni al más exigente de los visitantes.

In addition to its cultural heritage, it is an ideal place to enjoy the gastronomy of our land and to take advantage of the variety of shops that have given it the name of a commercial city.

Estella Lizarra

Source of the Urederra

On the slopes of the Urbasa mountain range, a small spring of crystalline water is born that leads to a spectacular and beautiful course of turquoise waters in the heart of the forest. The Natural Reserve of the Urederra Source, a protected space that we must care for and respect.

It is located in an environment surrounded by beech and elm, making it an absolutely magical. A perfect route for all the family, within a spectacular natural park.

Nacedero del urederra


Since the paleolithic age, through old age, to the glory days of the city in the middle age with the institution of the Principality of Viana in 1423. An ancient city, located to the west of Navarre, very close to the border with La Rioja, a few kilometres from Logroño.

A city with a great importance in the defense of the Kingdom of Navarre during the middle ages, added to its peak as a principality, have left a heritage worthy of the very few sites and a history enviable. Obligatory stop on the Camino de Santiago, which, together with its monuments and history makes Viana a place to see in Tierra Estella.



Another of the places to see in Tierra Estella is without a doubt the monasteries. Throughout this region there are several monasteries and hermitages of which we're going to recommend three.

Monastery of Iratxe

Located just three kilometres from Estella, built at the end of the tenth century, performed work of a pilgrims ' hospital almost since then. It currently has a plateresque cloister among other dependencies monumental.

Monastery of Iranzu

Hidden in the mountains, we find a spectacular monastery of the cistercian style that highlights its cloister and abbey church.

Benedictine monastery of St. George

Located a 25-minute drive from the Camping Acedo, a monastery built in the TWELFTH century, an example of romanesque architecture within the reach of the hand.

Urbasa Andia

El parque natural de Urbasa – Andia podemos decir sin miedo que es el patrimonio natural más importante, así como el más espectacular que ver en Tierra Estella. Tiene una extensión de más de 27.000 hectáreas, fundamentalmente cubierta por hayedos y pastos. Con una altitud que va desde los 835m a los 1492m en la cima de San Donato.

A landscape of forests and pastures, full of twists and turns magical as the so-called “Beech forest Enchanted” or the spring of the Urederra mentioned above, which is also located in this park. A trip along the flora and the fauna, which will surprise even the most demanding.

Sierra de urbasa andia

To be able to know all of these places, it is ideal to be placed at a location close to the same. A perfect alternative for this is Camping Acedo, since we are located a few kilometers from these destinations. Our location and all of our amenities will come great to be able to visit these wonderful destinations!

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