5 Activities in the surroundings of Camping Acedo

In Camping Acedo we organize different activities in the campsite all the weekends of the spring and fall and all the days of summer, but our environment also offers many alternatives and plans great. In this article I want to give you 5 ideas of activities to do during your stay at the campsite!

Walk to the oak of the 3 legs and the hermitage of Santa Coloma

From the campsite you can walk up to the "Oak of the Three Legs", encino 1200 years who received the prize for the European Tree 2020. Continuing the route will take you to the "Hermitage of Santa Coloma", with a viewpoint from where you can appreciate all the Valley of Berruezaespecially nice in the spring. It is an easy route that can be done from the same campsite without the need to travel by car to any site, although it is possible to park very close to the oak.

Green road railway Basque Navarro

Desde Acedo puedes acceder a la «Vía Verde del Ferrocarril Vasco-Navarro«, por donde antiguamente pasaba el tren que unía Estella-Lizarra y Bergara, pasando por Vitoria-Gasteiz. Es ideal para andar en bici con peques, con muy poco desnivel y muy bonita. ¡Si no tienes bici, puedes alquilar una de nuestras bicicletas en el camping!

Visit the Museum of the Truffle

In Metauten, 15' from the campsite is the Museum of the Truffle. It is the only interpretation centre in Spain dedicated to this unique product. With guided tours and tastings to discover all the secrets of the truffle. Don't miss it!

Basilica of San Gregorio Ostienes

In the village of Sorlada, between Hearn and Arches, we find this gem of baroque navarro. It also has spectacular views!

Hiking trails and mountain

In the surroundings of the campsite there are different hiking routes and mountain for all levels. The sierra de Lokiz, mount Ioar, the valley of the Berrueza... so Come on in and enjoy the nature that surrounds us!

Remember that in Camping Acedo disponemos de diferentes bungalows or parcelas, and all services necessary so that your stay is as comfortable as possible. If you have any questions, we will be delighted in the 948521351.

And of course, these are just 5 plans in the surroundings, but there are many more! In our page surroundings you can find information about highlights of the area. We will wait for you!

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