Hiking trails Navarra

If you like hiking and visiting places pimps, in this article we give you some ideas of hiking trails for Navarre that you can do during your stay in Camping Acedo. 

From the camping out different hiking routes very cool, you can look and download the tour by clicking aquĆ­. The routes that we will tell you then depart from different points of Navarre, but deserve so much grief, so... don't miss them!

Hiking through Navarre

Cascada de Xorroxin:

We begin our list of hiking trails for Navarre with a tour of impressive: the Waterfall of Xorroxin. This trail will take you through beech and chestnut trees close to him, wrapping in a magical setting as you delve into the world of mythological beings. We will begin the tour in Erratzu, leaving our car in the parking lot of the street Ubidea. From there, we'll go back and cross the road NA-2600 to reach out to a beautiful stone bridge over the river Aranea. Following the path, which runs parallel to the river IƱarbegiko, you will reach the waterfall Xorroxin. Enjoy its beauty before descending to the chapel of Gorostapolo and return to the village from Erratzu. 
Download the route in Wikiloc aquĆ­.

Route of the dolmens:

We continue our adventure of hiking trails for Navarre with the Path of the Dolmens. This trail combines interests in landscape, nature-related and cultural-historical, allowing you to discover ten dolmens and explore different aspects of the forest through interpretive panels. The starting point will be to Etxarri-Aranatz. Through forests of beech and oak trees, ascend to the dolmen Beitzeta. On the way, we will discover the dolmens of Iruiturrieta, Jentilzulo, Bentatxar and other up to reach the Top of Irumugarrieta, where we will enjoy stunning views of Gipuzkoa. This route is recommended for hikers in good physical condition and the proper equipment. Download the route in Wikiloc aquĆ­.

Arga River park:

This trail urban, it starts from Irotz and can be performed by instalments, is a wonderful way to enjoy nature and visit Pamplona and its surrounding area. The Park River of the Region is a stunning green corridor of 22 kilometers, which follows the river Arga, Ultzama and Elorz from Sorauren and Irotz to Zizur mayor. In Pamplona, extends 11 kilometres and has sports fields, picnic areas and scenic places to rest. It is ideal for outdoor activities such as cycling, skating and running. Download the route in Wikiloc aquĆ­.  

Foz de Lumbier:

Our last recommendation of a hiking route through Navarre leads us to the spectacular Foz de Lumbier, protected as a nature Reserve. This trail surrounds and flows through the foz, offering a unique experience. In addition to the impressive cliffs open by the river Irati, you'll be able to enjoy the diversity of birds, including the majestic griffon vulture. The starting point is located in Lumbier/Irunberri, in the Area of Reception and Information. The tour will allow you to see the cut of the Sierra de Leire, and cross the old railway line of Irati. Remember to respect the environment and not disturb the wildlife during your visit. Download the route in Wikiloc aquĆ­.  

The Camping Acedo is the ideal starting point to explore the hiking trails for Navarre. Each route offers a unique experience for nature lovers. Don't miss the opportunity to immerse yourself in the breathtaking scenery and discover the secrets that Navarre has reserved for you. Get ready to live unforgettable adventures while you are enjoying the hiking for Navarre!

Don't hesitate any longer and ensures your site! At our campsite, you can find a wide variety of options accommodations e facilities and many, many activities to enjoy with family. Ā”Make your reservation now!

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