What to see in Navarra with children

Discover the magic of Navarre with your children! This charming region of northern Spain is a perfect destination to enjoy a family vacation. With its combination of stunning natural landscapes, fascinating history and a wide range of activities, Navarra offers endless possibilities of fun for big and small. If you're looking for ideas on what to see and do in Navarre, with kids, you've come to the right place! Here are some recommendations that will make your visit an unforgettable experience.

Natural park of the Bardenas Reales

The Natural Park of the Bardenas Reales in Navarra is a movie with your landscape semi-arid and unique rock formations. Explore this amazing place to bike or walk and let your children become true explorers as they discover their magic. With well-marked trails and ravines impressive, both large and small will enjoy an unforgettable adventure in this natural park.

In addition to its natural beauty, the Bardenas Reales are home to a rich biodiversity, where you can watch birds of prey and enjoy the wildlife in their natural habitat. 

bardenas reales de Navarra


The Park Sendaviva, is a must-see destination for families with children. This theme park offers an exciting combination of attractions, shows, animals, water slides, and educational activities. From riding a roller coaster to feed exotic animals, there is something to suit all tastes in Sendaviva. Children will delight in the thrilling attractions and marvel at the performances of animals, while parents enjoy seeing the smiles on the faces of their children.

Sendaviva offers a day full of fun and entertainment for the whole family. The water slides refreshing will be a great way to beat the heat on hot days, while the educational activities will allow children to learn while having fun. In Sendaviva, every moment is designed to create unforgettable memories as a family , no matter the age of the children, Sendaviva ensures an unforgettable experience that will leave you all with a smile on your face and the desire to come back soon.


The citadel of Pamplona

The Citadel of Pamplona is a historic gem that can not be missed during your stay in Navarre. This impressive military fortress of the XVI century will transport you to the past while you stroll around its imposing city walls and admire the panoramic views of the city. Every corner of the Citadel breathes history and offers a unique experience for the whole family.

But the Citadel of Pamplona is not only a place for adults, it also has a children's park within its walls. The younger guests can enjoy a space designed especially for them, where they can play, run and have fun in a safe environment. This combination of history and entertainment makes the visit to the Citadel is a complete experience for all ages. Don't miss the opportunity to explore this fascinating historic site and enjoy special moments with your family in the Citadel of Pamplona.

ciudadela de pamplona

Natural Science museum of Navarra

This museum offers a unique experience, where children can immerse themselves in the fascinating world of fossils, flora and fauna of Navarre. Through interactive exhibits and educational activities, the little explorers will be able to learn in a fun way and teaching.

In the Museum of Natural Sciences of Navarre, your children will have the opportunity to discover how species evolved over time, and marvel at the remains of prehistoric animals and learn about the rich diversity of the local flora and fauna. Interactive exhibits allow them to touch, observe, and experience, awakening their curiosity and stimulating their learning.

In addition, the museum offers educational activities designed especially to young people, such as workshops and educational games, which will help them to understand and appreciate the natural world that surrounds them. In this way, the Museum of Natural Sciences of Navarre becomes a place where fun and knowledge are intertwined, leaving your kids with lasting memories, and a greater appreciation for nature.

Museo de Ciencias Naturales de Navarra

La Taconera park

La Taconera Park is a true treasure in the heart of Pamplona, ideal to enjoy a relaxing trip with your family. This beautiful park offers a perfect combination of nature and tranquility. Children emol will have fun feeding the ducks in the ponds, creating special moments and fun-filled. In addition, you will discover the sculptures that adorn the park, while exploring the gardens full of flowers and trees. La Taconera Park is a haven of peace in the midst of the city, providing a space where parents and children can enjoy a quality time surrounded by natural beauty.

With its extensive gardens and trails, the la Taconera Park invites you to adventure and exploration. Children can run, play, and enjoy the freedom it gives this outdoor space. While the children were having fun, the parents can relax and enjoy the serenity that the park provides. Whether it is for a family picnic, a nice walk or just to enjoy the beauty of nature, la Taconera Park is the perfect place to create unforgettable memories as a family and escape the hustle and bustle of the city in a quiet and charming.

Parque de la Taconera

Natural Park Of Urbasa-Andía

The Natural Park of Urbasa-Andía is a perfect destination to enjoy nature with your family. With its various hiking routes are tailored to all ages, you'll explore lush forests, stunning waterfalls, and mountain landscapes, spectacular. Whether you're a hiker experienced as if you're looking for a hike more relaxed, the park offers options for all levels, providing the opportunity to enjoy the natural beauty of each step of the way. In addition, you can not miss a visit to the Interpretation Center, where children will learn interactively about the fauna and flora of the region, enriching their knowledge about the natural environment.

From the viewpoints, you can see stunning, panoramic views, while the trails will take you through lush forests that will transport you to another world. Whether you're looking for a quiet time in nature, or you want to make exciting hiking, this park offers a unique experience for the whole family.

Parque natural de Urbasa-Andía

Castillo de Olite

The Castle of Olite is a place that transports children to the world of fairy tales. With its imposing medieval structure and its unique architecture, this restored castle is a must-visit for families. Children will feel like real princes and princesses as they explore the different rooms and learn about the history of this lovely place. The guided tours tailored for children will allow them to immerse themselves in the magic of times past and live an unforgettable experience.

Teatro medieval en el Castillo de Olite

Inside the Castle of Olite, the little ones can imagine how life was like in a medieval castle, admiring the architectural details and the impressive halls. Also, you can enjoy interactive activities and historical re-enactments that provide a deeper understanding of the time. The Castle of Olite is a place where fantasy is blended with history, creating a unique environment that will fascinate kids and adults alike. Do not miss the opportunity to visit this majestic castle and let your kids immerse themselves in the grandeur of the medieval period.

palacio real de olite

Now you know what to see in Navarre, with children, Navarra, spain is an ideal destination for families to enjoy and discover all that it has to offer to the little ones. From exciting adventures in the Natural Park of the Bardenas Reales to cultural visits to the majestic Castle of Olite, there are many things to do in Navarre, with children. Explore nature in all its splendor, immerse yourself in the story and create unforgettable memories while enjoying all the wonders that this beautiful region has reserved for the more small.

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