Towns you need to see in Navarre

If you planned to visit us and want to get to know the surroundings of the campsite, we bring you various ideas of people chulísimos to visit during your stay. These towns are rich in history, architecture and culture, and offer a variety of experiences for visitors. Below, we present you with some of the people that you can't miss during your stay in the Camping Acedo:

What to see in Navarre

Puente la Reina

Located about 40 km to the east of the Campsite Acedo, Puente la Reina is a picturesque village known for its famous romanesque bridge. This bridge, built in the 11th century, crosses the river Arga, and is a testimony to the history of the region. Strolling through its streets, in the main Street, you'll be able to see their beautiful houses and mansions. Explore the Church of Santiago el mayor, with its magnificent romanesque facade and stunning interior.


About 20 kilometres Acedo is Estella-Lizarra, a city with a well-preserved old town that will transport you to the past. This city has an impressive architectural heritage. The Church of San Pedro de la Rúa is a gothic gem, with its imposing tower and beautiful decorative detail. The Palace of the Kings of Navarre, built in the XII century, is another highlight with its romanesque architecture and its fascinating history. Enjoy a quiet stroll through its cobbled streets and admire the historic beauty of this city.


Approximately 60 kilometres from the campsite is Olite, a city famous for its impressive medieval castle, the Royal Palace of Olite. This castle, which dates from the 15th century, is a magnificent example of the gothic and mudéjar. Explore the rooms of the castle, you Can do guided tours! In addition to the castle, Olite features a charming old town where you can stroll through its cobbled streets and discover its charming corners. Don't miss the Church of Santa María la Real, with its splendid facade and the interior is filled with artistic details.

palacio real de olite


Elizondo is farthest Camping Acedo, 1 hour and 30 minutes exactly, But it is well worth! This picturesque town is teeming with history and culture, with its beautiful streets and stone houses that transport you to a bygone era. You can visit the impressive Church of Santiago, a gothic gem of the 16th century, and the elegant Palace of Arizkunenea, a mansion manor of the 18th century. Don't miss the famous Bridge of Txokoto, which offers panoramic views of the river Baztan and its natural environment. Plus, enjoy the weekly market, where you can find fresh local produce and traditional crafts.


About 35 kilometers, is located Viana, a small walled town with a rich historic heritage. Stroll through its beautiful streets and admire the beauty of its ancient buildings. The Church of Santa Maria, built in the 13th century, is a magnificent example of the gothic style and houses an altarpiece is impressive. Visit also its wall, there are some canvases, remains underground of the castle and structures. 

Navarre is home to a great variety of charming villages that offer a perfect combination of history, architecture and culture. Each town has something unique to offer, Camping Acedo is located very close to them. Don't miss them!

Si quieres visitar estos pueblos, nuestro camping es el lugar ideal para alojarte. Estamos muy cerca de todos los lugares que te hemos propuesto en este artículo, además en Camping Acedo tenemos muchas opciones de alojamientos e instalaciones. También organizamos actividades infantiles todos los findes de primavera y otoño y todos los días de verano. ¡Disfruta de unos días de vacaciones en Camping Acedo!

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